Do It ME-Self.

Many years ago, when they were newly available, a friend asked me if I had a self-cleaning oven.  Yes, I replied, “ME-self”.  I recall this being a dreaded and nasty job and am grateful that now, when the oven is dirty, I push the button that reads “clean”, then go do something more interesting.  Like plan my trip to Costa Rica!

When deciding on how to travel to and within Costa Rica these options were considered:

  • Using a travel agency to plan a tour
  • Figuring it all out myself
  • The combo platter

The decision:  Mostly myself with a little combo on the side.  Why?  More fun and greater versatility.  At least that is my rationale.  I haven’t actually been on the trip yet!  Will let you know how it works out in reality.

That being said – where did I start?  The internet was a great source of information.  I also purchased guide books.  My absolute favorite was Pauline Frommer’s, “Costa Rica – Spend Less/See More”.  Lots of great information on each region of the country along with in depth tips for getting there, where to stay, where to eat, what to wear, what to do, adventurous side trips, etc.  And all at reasonable costs.  I especially like that she includes a section in every chapter entitled “The Other _____” (insert your region of interest).  Here she lets you know how to travel beyond basic tourism into more of a cultural immersion – exactly what I was looking for.  This book was written for you if you like to plan trips yourself and see more than basic tourist attractions.  The other two, Fodor’s Costa Rica and National Geographic’s Traveler Costa Rica, had some additional tips and information, but in my opinion Pauline got it RIGHT.  Again, I haven’t been on the trip yet, heh, heh, so will compare this opinion to the post-vacation shake down analysis.

Without a doubt my favorite read was "Frommer's"


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