Dear Pauline Frommer,

This week’s task, in planning the Costa Rican adventure, has been to decide on travel insurance.  Do we purchase?  Yes or No.

Per your recommendations, the answer is “yes”.  And for several reasons:

  • When traveling outside of the US, our medical insurance will not be valid.  Since we are planning on a variety of adventures that could be considered a big risky (white-water rafting, zip-line, waterfall rappelling) I want to be covered for potential injuries.  It will also pay for emergency evacuation should that become necessary.
  • Airline tickets and some of the pre-paid tours are not refundable.  If the trip has to be cancelled for medical/work reasons, we will also be covered.
  • Should we be feeling feisty enough to drive a rental car in Costa Rica (LOTS of reasons to think about this thoroughly), we will have a collision rider
  • If luggage is lost or items are stolen, coverage is also applicable.

So!  We are paid up!  Bring it on!!

BTW, I found the cost of the travel insurance to be very reasonable (<$300 for all of us).


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