You’ll get the bird in Costa Rica!


The Mother Load of all Costa Rican Birds

So, reading my guide books and doing a little research reveals that Costa Rica is indeed big time bird country.  I’m talking BIRDS baby – People travel to CR with the explicit goal of viewing the seemingly endless variety.  For my part:  Observation #1: There will be birds and lots of them, and probably some amazingly beautiful and rare.  Observation #2:  I will probably see some of them and be impressed.  Observation  #3:  I can’t imagine careening my neck and camera around all day hoping for that elusive siting and incredible photo.  Observation #4:   It’s hard to really study birds when you are an adventure junky who plans to be whitewater rafting, rappelling from waterfalls,  and zipping through the canopy of the cloud forest.  hehe – not that I don’t like birds!! And if I have to eat my words on this one later, well, I will!!   BTW, I actually DID purchase a key book of Central American birds – Pauline recommended it and said I wouldn’t regret it.  I’ll get back to you Pauline.


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