Snake eyes!


This snake's "lashes" are thought to aid in it's camouflage. Tricksy!

The Eyelash Viper – No Mascara Needed! Looks pretty but doesn’t play well with others

So, part of traveling to Costa Rica and its amazing biodiversity, is the extensive snake population.  Most, of course are not venomous, however, since I am deficient in this subject, my strategy will be avoidance if  at all possible.

The few snakes that are venomous include the eyelash viper, above.  In fact, it’s one of the MOST venomous on the planet.  Rarely growing over 2 1/2 feet, Miss Beauty loves to lie languidly amongst the flora, well disguised, waiting for dinner to come her way.  A quick bite and her venom acts quickly on the central nervous system and the cardiac system.  She enjoys birds, small mammals and lizards.  She snubs humans as a rule, but won’t hesitate to attack if harassed. Hope to see this one in captivity ONLY!


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