I find it noteworthy that ALL of the guidebooks and resources on Costa Rica agree that visitors should bring copious quantities of bug spray with DEET.   The mosquitos and no-seeums are apparently abundant and bloodthirsty, especially in the rainforest jungles.  Really not too big of a surprise, given the tropical climate, and I do plan to take the advice seriously.

More interesting to me is the great variety of insects and their unusual size.  All of the explosive growth of trees and plants produce a lot of oxygen. The bugs really dig this and respond by getting VERY  big.  Another travel guide edict:  “If you get out of bed at night for any reason, turn on your flashlight before you walk – no telling what might be in your path”.

One example of what might be in your path is the ” perfectly harmless” Rhinoceros Beetle.  Just the name conjours up something uh, larger than normal!  But take a look!  How’d you like to feel this guy between your toes during your foggy-brained stumble to the 3 am toilet call!  Or better yet, wake up with him at eye level on your pillow!  Ha!  Will let you know if I find out!

Rhinoceros Beetle - Not the most pleasant wake-me-up!


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