What the Rappel?

In preparation for the upcoming adventure in Costa Rica (soon!), I decided that I needed rappelling lessons .  This reason is:  I’ve booked a tour near the Arenal Volcano area for a day of “cayoneering and water fall rappelling.”  No, I have never been rappelling.  Fortunately I have a friend named Clif (I know coincidence) who is proficient rock-climber, so he was my go-to person.  It didn’t take a lot of arm-twisting.  He said, how about tomorrow.  Up to the mountains we went, looking for a place he had been to over 20 years ago.  Lots has changed since then, and took a while to locate it, but he did, although it took 4WD to get to it.  Then a 20 minute hike straight uphill.  Thought a pleasant wood – with Mountain Laurel and Flame Azaleas in bloom.  And a beautiful day to boot – cooler and clear, very light breeze.   All of that was good.  Then we got to the top and I realized that it was a long way down.  And we were going down the rock face side.  Deep breaths – he got it set up, we put on our gear, I got a 10 minute orientation lecture and then he said,  just lean back and start walking backwards.  OK, I heard that.  And I followed through and I did the descent, but it was a heart-pumping experience!  Clif said it was an easy rappel – 100 ft only and the face was far from vertical.  Thanks, I said.  Then we had to of course climb back up the trail – when we got back we rested a bit and admired the view.  Glad I did it.  Costa Rica, here I come!!  For visuals check out Desafio Adventures website!


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  1. Beth Richardson
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 16:42:42

    Where the Rappel were you today ????????????????????? Have a great trip , stay safe, we will be reading for sure !!!


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