White-Water Rafting, Canyoneering, Waterfall Repelling, Night Jungle Tour and Canopy Zip Line in Costa Rica

Wow!  It’s been an actioned-packed couple of days!  On Wednesday we experienced great white water rafting on the Rio Pacuare – our guide Fernando was muy simpantico and we had a great day! The outfitter we went with – Exploradores Outdoors is top notch in every way and I highly recommend them.  There were lots of exciting moments on the river – and one VERY exciting moment when a baby Fer de Lance was crawling over my foot.  This excited Fernando considerably (and not in a sexual way, LOL – he nearly freaked out getting that snake out of our raft)!!  The tour company provided breakfast and lunch AND transportation between Puerto Viejo and Arenal.  It was a great day and a long day that  started at 6:30am when we left Puerto Viejo and ended at 6:30 p.m. when we arrived in Santa Elena which is the Arenal Volcano area.  Arenal is not spewing lava at the moment, just steam, but it’s impressive none-the -less and our hotel (Arenal Paraiso) provided an up close and dramatic view.  We fell into bed at 8 pm we were so pooped.  On Thursday morning we had a 9:30 am departure for Canyoneering and Waterfall repelling with the company Desafio – also top notch folks very tuned into safety as well as a great time.  We walked, crawled, waded, and repelled our way down through this beautiful canyon.  The last repel was the most dramatic at 220 feet – quite a rush!  They also served a great lunch afterwards along with showers and towels and a great sense of humor.  This adventure was definitely a highlight of the trip thus far.  On Friday, we had an 8:30 am departure to transfer to Monteverde.  This was also interesting and was also with Desafio  via Taxi-Boat-Taxi.  First they drove us to the lake where we transferred to a boat.  The boat ride was about 40 minutes.  We then transferred again to another taxi for the ride up the mountain to Monteverde – all winding, dirt road and VERY bumpy with lots of pot holes.  The driver laughed and said there was no extra charge for the “Costa Rican Massage”.  LOL.  Thankfully, I was riding shot gun for most of the trip, otherwise, I would have been barfing in the back.  We arrive in Santa Elena about lunch time and transferred to our hotel:  Cabinas Don Taco – a small spot (about 12 rooms) with very helpful and friendly staff who directed us to good eats in town as well as hooking us up with a couple of more tours – the night jungle walk .  We had a guide who was an amazing biologist and knew so much about the area’s wildlife. The jungle at night is both VERY dark and surprisingly LOUD! – Lots of night time activity!  That tour ended at 7:30 p.m. so we were hungry then and ate at Morphos – a great local restaurant recommended by our hotel.  Then – time for sleep because we had to get up, eat breakfast, and be ready to depart for the Zip Line at 7:30 am.  It’s light here at 4:45 am, so it’s really not a problem getting up so early.  We had breakfast at our hotel, which was included in the rate – a very tolerable $45/night!  OK – off we go again for “Extreme Canopy”.  Now, if you’ve every done a zip line, you know that by definition they are extreme.  So when one is actually CALLED extreme – take notice!  This one had really long lines – the longest almost a mile of flying like super-man over a 500 foot canyon – felt like soaring with the Eagles.  We also had a Tarzan experience which was one mighty rope swing – I got the accolades for the best and longest scream, LOL.  Back to town for lunch, pharmacy stop and an hour in an internet cafe.  Tomorrow we transfer to Domincal on the South Pacific Coast for more adventures!  Think I’ll take a nap this afternoon!

On Rio Pacuare near Siquerres in Costa Rica


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. TammyM
    Jun 26, 2011 @ 11:04:54

    Love these accounts!!! Such an action packed vacation I’m wondering if you will need a vacation from your vacation .. haha .. I’m so happy for all of you!!!


  2. nikki
    Jun 26, 2011 @ 23:46:58

    Keep telling us about your trip. We very badly want to goto Costa Rica and my hubby and I need ideas of where to go and what to do!!! Your trip sounds awesome so far!!! I cant wait to get some fun, adventureous stuff in!!!


    • kbelle1
      Jun 28, 2011 @ 16:41:11

      Thanks for your comment Nikki – in some places the WIFI is spotty and difficult to load photos. Today we are headed to the Osa Pennisula – should be a big adventure!


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