Cano Island Snorkel Trip – Costa Rica

Yesterday we had breakfast and were on the boat by 8 am bound for Cano Island, about 40 kilometers offshore.  An unusual wind out of the north resulted in us heading straight on into large swells.  A trip that usually takes 40 minutes took over an hour because we had to go so slowly.  Even so, we were soaked with ocean spray and by the time we arrived I was seasick (no big surprise!).  Our excellent guide, Jose, suggested that for the first snorkeling session that I stay on the beach to which I readily agreed!  Turns out to be an excellent choice.  I had a beautiful island beach totally to myself for 1 1/2 hours so I walked, took photos and just enjoyed the awesome beauty and solitude.  The rest of the crew returned at lunch time and per usual, Las Caletas Lodge had provided a hearty repast which included fresh fruits, homemade bread, tuna salad, avocado, hearts of palm, AND WOW for ME – peanut butter and jelly.  Jose said – this is for the Gringos!  LOL – I LOVE PB&J and chowed down, thank you very much!!  We then had siesta – naps on the beach and relaxation for another hour.  Then again, we returned to the boat for an afternoon snorkel on the reef.  I was feeling much better by then and was able to enjoy this segment very much.  Lots of fish and we saw an octopus too.  The boys saw an eel in the morning.  The trip back to the lodge was much better, as the wind was behind us and had decreased a bit too.

Isla de Cano - Playa Muy Bonita!

We did have some interesting visitors looking for a lunch hand-out – the Jesus Christ Lizards – so named because they are able to run across water – according to Jose, they are related to the basilisk.

Jesus Christ Lizard - taken on Cano Island, Costa Rica

When we returned the cold shower felt GREAT!  AND because I was insistent, we all applied high SPF sunscreen several times – so NO SUNBURN!!   Can’t say the same for the formerly very white Europeans.  Live and Learn.  I’ve been there!

Today is a day of relaxation, enjoying the beautiful vistas and pacific breezes.  Manana is a big travel day back to the states.  It’s been an incredibly awesome three weeks!!!


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  1. TammyM
    Jul 02, 2011 @ 03:44:12

    I sure hope there are more awesome photos .. surely with that much time to yourself there are many !!!! wwwoooo hooooo !!!! Maybe a slide show on that Mac Book!!!! I can’t wait to see them… but i will !! haha ..


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